My name is Grégoire Boudy (you can call me Greg). I am an energetic healer with natural healing abilities, which I developed and strengthened through practice and in-depth studies with master shamans in Israel and abroad. I was initiated to shamanic techniques that were kept secret until recently and have been passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years in the lineage of the Curanderos - a tribe of master healers from Mexico whose roots are the Ancient Mayan civilization. I work with a wide range of powerful shamanic techniques and treatments to help people grow and find balance, direction and peace in their lives. 


I am also a certified trance and NLP practitioner. In this therapeutic modality you get into a trance state - a state of increased focus, attention and relaxation - which allows your subconscious to be easily accessible. In that state, suggestions can bypass the conscious mind and reach your subconscious for effective reframing and transformation to occur.

You are welcome to contact me : let me know how I can help you, request a 15 minute free call or your first appointment. I will receive you at my main clinic in Jaffa, or in the clinic I rent in the center of Tel Aviv. I also work  online via Skype  with clients from any location in the world.

Healing sessions may be conducted in english, français, עברית, español.



Clients share their experience

Aviva Fine

Tel Aviv, Israel

"Greg has really opened the doors for me. When I came for my first healing, my issues with life and myself felt like this entity that I hadn't broke into yet. Several treatments later, I am that much closer to the realization of the true nature of myself. Thanks to Greg, I am moving forward in life, fixing myself at every stage of the way. Life is clearer, my intentions are clearer and most importantly, I have learned to trust myself and my intuitions. With Greg in my life now, I feel excited at what new wonders will be revealed."

Sophia Kiapos
Los Angeles, USA

"through just being immersed in Greg's energy I had a huge breakthrough in the realm of boundaries [...] Greg held space for me and there I went, fully surrendering it all. Within moments my body detached as Greg so beautifully lead me through a guided meditation. Greg truly has a gift for people and has a gift with energy... I deeply recommend Greg for a healing. I am confident in his God-given gifts"


I want to express my gratitude to special friends and teachers who have been especially meaningful in my personal journey into shamanic healing.

Homaya Amar, my primary teacher from the lineage of the Curanderos who taught me Light Language, most of the techniques I work with, and who simply gave me the most meaningful insights into spirituality and healing.  Thank you Homaya for showing me your depth, which allows me to look deep inside myself.

Naama Gabbay, Joy of Light - Luminous Space for your Well Being
Naama is my friend and partner in healing. We learnt and work together in Israel and abroad and our union creates a special energy. Visit our website:
Frequency 409 -  Unique Shamanic Healing with 2 Healers