Shamanic healing treatment

This shamanic healing technique clears and releases patterns that we acquired during the early years of our childhood, from age 0 to 5. Those are the years that leave the most significant mark for the rest of our life...


The events that happened, the unpleasant and traumatic experiences, have left deep wounds in our lives and impacted our belief system, our abilities , how abundance flows in our energy system, our social behavior, our sexuality, our relationships... which are basically the foundations of our lives.


Most of the time, the memories we have are from later years and through a repression process we ignore that the patterns we have acquired have their roots in the earliest years of our lives from age 0 to 5.


Throughout our lives, we repeat the same patterns without realizing that we brought them at an early age, and it is possible to release them from our system. Each time we repeat a pattern we create an opportunity to recognize it, identify it and then release it completely from our lives .


Some people go through years of psychotherapy to deal with childhood traumas and blockages. This shamanic healing allows you to process and clear these energies in a very short time.

Who is this healing for?

Everyone... but most especially:


  • People who identify repeating patterns in themselves

  • Anyone who experienced an unpleasant event or memory during childhood

  • People who feel they have unfinished business with their parents, or who felt a lack of love during childhood

  • Anyone who experienced a crisis as a child

  • Anyone who went through physical, emotional or verbal violence with his parents

  • Anyone who experienced sexual abuse or rape as a child

  • Anyone who feels blockages in his sexuality, or who has difficulty expressing himself sexually

  • People who were born from an unwanted pregnancy; people who were born by caesarean section or experienced a difficult and traumatic birth

  • Anyone who had an accident at a young age

  • Anyone who has the feeling of something deep rooted in childhood...


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