Breath of God

The Breath of God is an ancient shamanic healing technique designed to make a big leap in the healing process of the individual. The Breath of God, as its name implies, brings direct energy from Source... to send a boost of concentrated energy from God... to bring new life inside you.

By breathing and passing on a boost of concentrated energy into a specific point of the body (depending on the person), a shift in consciousness is activated both internally and externally, which brings significant changes in your life at all levels - physical, professional, family, social environments, and more...


If there are physical factors that hinder your life and prevent your progress in life, the Breath of God will create an intense transformation process. The Breath of God creates a strong deep transformation at all levels of life; it is a huge push that boosts up your healing wave.


In this video you will see how the Breathe of God is performed as well as testimonials…

The video rights are reserved to Homaya Amar, a master of the Curanderos lineage who passed on the initiation to Naama and Greg for this healing technique.



Who is this healing for?


This therapy is suitable for people who are already in a process of self-awareness work and conscious transformation, and who have the tools to deal with a wave of divine energy breathed into them.


The treatment is especially suitable for therapists, healers, counselors, mediums, guides, and anyone connected to Lightwork...


If you feel the call to receive the Breathe of God inside you, you are welcome to contact us.


The Breathe of God is a huge gift, and you should be ready for it.




Who are the healers?

The healing is done by two healers of the Curanderos lineage - Naama Gabbay and Greg Boudy –who were initiated together by the master Homaya Amar to various healing methods: Breath of God, Soul Pulling, and more...


The Curanderos are a lineage of a tribe of ancient Native American healers whose roots reach to the Mayan culture of Mexico .

Naama Gabbay is a therapist who works with Light frequencies, energetic healing and massage techniques. The essence that Naama brings is powerful and opening, connecting with life enthusiasm and rejuvenating healing energies. Naama works with shamanic healing, reflexology, crystals, and accompanies women in the processes of pregnancy and childbirth.

Greg Boudy is an energetic healer with natural powerful healing abilities. In his treatments he aims at creating deep transformation and breakthroughs at the consciousness level. Greg has developed an innovative healing technique which is based upon the force of pure intent and creates a shift in consciousness.

Together Greg and Naama create one complementary and precise healing energy, male and female, which has proved to be very effective and meaningful for their patients.


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