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What do the right and left sides of your body represent?


In your body, the right side harnesses your masculine energy in your life, while the left side harnesses your feminine energy. In action, the masculine side of the body is the one that gives, while the feminine side of the body is the one that receives


Any physical, emotional, mental, or behavioral blockages in the way we express our masculinity and femininity were usually instilled in you from early childhood and even in the womb. Trauma, neglect, or abuse can result in a lack of trust and distorted relationships with yourself and others.

Since the left side and right side of your body (yin and yang, receiving and giving) are two sides of the same coin, when one side is imbalanced, it also affects the other side.

Left side energy blockages (feminine side of the body)

When various symptoms manifest in the left side of the body, it reveals patterns associated with the feminine energy in your life: patterns of receiving and expressing (or repressing) your femininity are ingrained into the left side of your body.


If there are blockages on the left side, it may indicate difficulty accessing and receiving abundance in all aspects of life, including success, love, gifts, and money. It may also reveal a resistance to accepting your own nature, talents, potential and creative power (in case you resonate with this, you may want to read more about feminine power healing).

This can lead to feelings of worthlessness, loneliness, and a lack of self-value. On the other hand, there may be a need for constant validation and energy from others and a lack of healthy boundaries.


Right side energy blockages (masculine side of the body)

When various symptoms manifest in the right side of your body, it reveals patterns associated with the masculine energy in your life: patterns of giving and expressing (or repressing) your masculinity are ingrained into the right side of your body.


Right side energy blockages may indicate: over-giving, putting others first, and sacrificing personal needs. It may also reveal a resistance to being true to yourself and sharing your light with the world. This can lead to exhaustion, frustration, and anger. On the other hand, there may be difficulty in giving or a fear of sharing abundance with others.


Why is it important to balance Your masculine and feminine sides?

Balancing your feminine and masculine energies means empowering both sides and fostering cooperation rather than competition. When these energies are in conflict, your strength and vitality are depleted.

Achieving harmony within yourself requires introspection and inner work. I would be delighted to connect with you via a brief Zoom call to sense your energy and determine if we are well-suited to collaborate on achieving balance between your feminine and masculine aspects. If you feel compelled to explore this further, please reach out to me or directly schedule the free consultation.

Who am I?



My name is Elama. I am a spiritual guide, healer, shaman and teacher.


I was born and raised in France and am currently living in Bali.


I am committed to guiding light walkers and empaths, providing them with a safe and trusting space where they can activate and embody their light, their creative power, and their gifts.

My specialties are:

  • connecting you to your heart

  • awakening and revealing the master in you

  • aligning you with your soul calling

  • connecting women to their divine feminine power

  • guiding you to establish and grow your heart-centered business

I create collective spaces for growth and offer 1:1 mentoring in English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish, so feel free to reach out in any of these languages.

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