Healing via Skype

During an online healing session, energy is channelled by the healer through his/her body and transmitted to you. While energy healing can be done in person, it works wonderfully from a distance as well.

You are welcome to contact me and explain what you need help with, and you can also get a free 15 minute talk with me to get a clear idea of how my healing approach can help you. A healing session happens with a video call via Skype and lasts 60 minutes. During the sessions you are sitting or laying down from the comfort of your own place.
The optimal conditions for an effective session are:

  • a clean, tidy, and quiet room where you can be by yourself and feel relaxed

  • a comfortable chair to sit or a bed/sofa where you can lay down (if needed)

  • a high speed internet connection

  • a computer, phone, or tablet with high quality camera and sound

Payments are made via PaypalIf you don't have a Paypal account, simply sign up in a few minutes and you'll have the option to pay with your credit card through Paypal.

Get more information here: www.shamananywhere.com


Rates: US$80, 70€, CA$105, or AU$110 via Paypal
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