Shamanic healing treatment

(available in-person or online via Zoom)

Unique and powerful treatment that clears out limiting energies and entities blocking us in our lives and creating energy leeches. Those energies may be present in the human body, in a physical place (for example in a house or an apartment), or both.


Clearing of entities in the body

Throughout our lives , we may be "hosting" foreign entities that don't belong to us and that feed from the life force of our energy field and body. These forces sit in our auric field and suck our vital energy...These energies find a "permission slip" or access while we are unaware of the situation; for example: when we are angry, go through a crisis or experience sadness... or when we make promises or vows... we open up and "invite" external entities to come in and sit onto us without us realizing it.

Clearing of entities in a physical place

Just like a place is healthier when it's clean (physically), it is also important to keep your home (or workplace) free of negative energies. You may be feeling or sensing that something negative is in the air in your room, apartment or office.

What does it feel like when these entities are with us or around us?

You may experience the following symptoms: chronic fatigue, feeling weak, physical blockages in the body, any kind of emotional barriers, extreme negative reactions, quick losses of control, confusion, lack of clarity, judging others, being pessimistic and gloomy.

What does the treatment do?

The treatment will help you feel more positivity, vitality, lightness, and a sense of flowing and balanced life energy... It clears the way for pleasure and joy of life, a greater capacity to breathe and a sense of inner peace.


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