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Conscious healing



This page addresses the way we relate to our femininity. It happens so that for many of us our femininity was in some way neglected, ignored or abused.


Throughout history, many societies on Earth have devalued, disregarded, or mistreated the qualities traditionally associated with femininity. This has enabled men to maintain power and control over women, to the extent that even women today struggle to connect with and embrace their own feminine essence.

However, this issue is not exclusive to women; it also affects men, as both genders require a balance between their masculine and feminine energies for optimal harmony. As a result, in our present era, there is growing confusion and questioning of traditional gender roles, and a growing rejection of the idea that masculinity should be held above femininity.

There seems to be a pervasive belief in the collective unconscious that the "masculine" way of thinking and acting is superior: always striving for more, focusing solely on tangible results, avoiding rest and relaxing, relying only on hard facts and evidence, and regarding intuition and emotions as unreliable or even dangerous.


This general phenomena often results in blockages and energetic imprints, particularly on the sacral chakra, which is also known as the sexual or creative energy center. These blockages can lead to patterns in our relationships, especially intimate ones, making it challenging to feel safe and fully present during emotional or physical closeness. This can manifest in a disconnection from our bodies, difficulty understanding and processing our emotions, and an overall sense of being unable to fully engage with life.

It is important to acknowledge and address these ingrained and often hidden blockages, otherwise we may continue to create the same patterns in our life and struggle with intimacy and closeness. However, the positive news is that our feminine, sexual, and creative power can never truly disappear. Although it may be wounded, we can access and restore its full potency with loving attention and recognition.

The process of healing and reclaiming our core energy and feminine power involves transforming our deepest wounds into our greatest strengths, and radically shifting the way we perceive and express our femininity. It is a powerful awakening that can open up new possibilities and opportunities for growth and freedom.

As a spiritual healer and mentor, I have helped hundreds of people restore their divine feminine power and achieve a harmonious balance between their masculine and feminine energies. If you would like support in this journey, please don't hesitate to reach out to me and we can explore ways to work together.

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