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Your Space for Authentic Empowerment & Mastery

  • Free Flow is a space designed to support your journey towards becoming your authentic self.

  • It is a place where you can freely practice being yourself, without worrying about making mistakes or being too much or not enough.

  • In this multidimensional field, you can explore both your strengths and weaknesses, and bring all your questions and concerns about being yourself.

Supportive Space:

  • Free Flow provides a safe and compassionate space where you can express any emotion that arises in you, be vulnerable, and receive support from others.

  • You are encouraged to challenge yourself and others to grow and expand together.

  • The space is a reflection of each participant's unique essence, and it is designed to have a free flow so that everything arises when it's needed.

Leadership Playground:

  • Free Flow is also a place for leadership, where you can be who you are and thrive.

  • You can practice leading yourself and others, channeling your being in the presence of the field and others.

  • Your gifts and creativity are welcome and make the space richer and brighter.

Transforming Shadows:

  • Free Flow is a playground for making your power, strength, and gifts rise to the surface, instead of keeping them hidden in shame or guilt.

  • In this space, you can bring your shadows into the light and transform them into sources of empowerment and more life force.

Expanding Capacity:

  • Free Flow is a space to create more space for your Self, to expand your capacity to hold more of your light in a stable way.

  • As you give yourself a high sense of freedom, you will start feeling more joy, creativity, strength, and permission to act upon your highest excitement at any moment.

  • You will awaken more of your inner child energy and potential, dreaming big and creating.

Rules and Guidelines:

  • Free Flow is a space where we respect each other, support each other, and do not blame or judge each other.

  • It is a benevolent, loving space of free flow, compassion, empathy, love, and light.

  • You are free to decide the degree of active participation and input you wish to have in the space and with your fellow participants.

Teachings and Live Sharing:

  • Free Flow allows new knowledge, teachings, and channeling to arise through the group.

  • Teachings will come synchronistically when needed, and there will be at least one live sharing every month on Zoom.

  • Live sharings will be uploaded and available for replay as long as you are a member.


  • Free Flow is a space that is meant to be permanent, always open for new participants to enter and exit as they wish.

  • Participation is based on a 6-month membership, which includes access to all materials, teachings, videos, and posts in the private Facebook group.

  • Early registration and exclusive prices are available for a limited time.


  • Free Flow is a space where you can be your authentic self, grow and expand, transform shadows into light, and create more space for your Self.

  • It is a supportive, loving, and multidimensional field that invites you to explore your potential and awaken your inner child energy.

  • You are welcome to join us and become a part of this exciting journey towards self-empowerment and mastery.

About me and my own journey


Greg Boudy

My name is Elama. I am a spiritual guide, mentor, healer and shaman dedicated to supporting and uplifting other souls who are naturally seeking to explore themselves deeper and deeper and expand consciously to make an impact in the physical reality.

Self-trust has always been a crucial and deeply personal topic for me, ever since my childhood. At the age of 10, my family suddenly broke apart, and it left me feeling torn. I found myself constantly struggling with the fear of making choices that could result in losing something valuable.

For 32 years, I have been on a passionate journey of self-discovery, navigating the ups and downs of doubt and self-assurance. Through this journey, I have learned to trust and listen to my intuition, that part of me that knows my worth, my purpose, and my path.


Over the years, I have invested in my inner work, building a field of strength and confidence that now serves as a solid foundation for my energy field. It doesn't mean that I don't experience moments of doubt, hesitation, or confusion - I do, just like anyone else. But these moments occur within the context of my field of strength and faith, and that makes all the difference.

What I offer here is a chance to immerse yourself with like-minded souls in a multidimensional field where you'll discover the energies that exist within you around self-trust. This experience gives you the opportunity to explore these energies on a deeper level and create positive shifts towards trusting yourself and others more.


Let's make this experience profound and fun together. I can't wait to have you join me on this exciting journey!

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