Light Language is a wonderful healing modality using the sacred geometry and colors from the Higher Light to settle new energies within the aura of a person, a community, a place, an object, or a situation. With Light Language, I can work directly on your personal energy, on the physical place you live in, on a specific aspect your life (for example improving a relationship you have difficuties with, your work or career, your financial situation, or personality traits you'd like to improve, etc...). The list is just infinite... there are almost no limits to what Light Language can address as long as it is for the highest good of all! 

Stationary Grid (7-shape)




A stationary grid is used for a place (e.g house, room, office, shop, etc...) or an object (e.g car, desk, cellphone, computer, etc...). It's about what characteristics and/or functions you want to give to that particular place or object. For example, if you own a coffee shop you may want a grid that will create the right energies to attract customers and for them to appreciate the taste of your coffee. 

A stationary grid requires you to already have a personal grid on yourself.

Personal Grid (7-shape)


A personal grid will set up the energies for each of the energy centers in your body - 7 in total. I will work with you to determine the shapes that will match what you wish to change in yourself or what you want to experience. I will set up the grid and I will teach you how to activate it very easily and quickly.

Once activated, it takes 28 days for the energies to settle within your body and you will start perceiving and experiencing life differently.

Situation Grid (49-shape)


A situation grid is used for an objective or a goal you want to achieve. Your objective/goal must be clearly defined and it can deal with any area of your life that you would like to improve (health, money, career, emotions, focus, spiritual growth, etc...). There are simply no limits as long as your intentions are clear and good!

If you feel you need a situation grid but you are not yet clear about what you want to improve, I can help you to clarify what your grid should be focused on.