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Conscious healing

heart reconnection conscious healing

Many of us at some point in our lives choose to disconnect from our heart as a way to protect ourselves from pain and suffering. The disconnection may happen early in childhood (even as little babies) when we experience deep traumas or painful events that make us feel unsafe and insecure. It can be triggered by the feeling of betrayal, abandonment, having our heart broken in a romantic relationship, or any event making us feel that the world is dangerous and that need protection in order not to be hurt again. Our natural instinct while feeling threatened (especially from a loved one) is to associate love with danger and we create a form of protection around the heart - some kind of armor or wall - that will prevent us from being hurt again in the future. This protection serves a useful purpose for a while: to make us feel safe and prevent more emotional attacks from reaching us. 
However, this protection comes with a price: the walls of protection create emotional patterns and possibly a form of disconnection from our emotions. By choosing not to be hurt again, we also choose to be numb. As a result, the level of love that we're able to feel within ourselves and in our relationships becomes very limited and distorted. As we close our heart and the possibility of loving and being loved, the natural channels within us for giving  and receiving love become disfunctional. The protection around our heart ends up being a prison we lock ourselves into, and sooner or later we feel trapped in it as we realize that we have blockages in intimate relationships or simply that we have a hard time experiencing love, appreciation, worthiness, or trusting ourselves and others.

It is always possible to reconnect to your heart and to experience the depths of Love again. This is what this healing journey of Heart Reconnection has to offer you. You can choose to let the walls fall and reopen the healthy channels of your emotions, so they can move freely and make you more alive. You can reawaken your natural sense of openness and sensitivity. With courage, you can create a new sense of self-esteem, self-worth, self-love, generosity, nurturing, and more. You will open the way to rediscovering love and you will also transmute the wounds of your past  and learn to deal with your emotions in a healthy way. When you choose to reconnect to your heart, you choose to open a door of  liberation: a gate for experiencing the true freedom of love.

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