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Retro-healing (past life healing)

  • 3 hours 30 minutes
  • 360 US dollars
  • Online session

Service Description

Retro-healing is an energy healing modality where you revisit one of your past lives that is significantly affecting you today. The purpose is not so much to experience a past life but rather to consciously bring healing (or tikkun) into that lifetime, which in turn reframes your perspective at the DNA level on your current lifetime and brings profound transformation at all levels (physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual). Retro-healing is not hypnosis, it's energy healing. During the whole process you remain completely aware of what is going on and you stay in control. You are safely guided to re-experience one lifetime, which your soul picks as the most appropriate one to balance out the energies of a specific unresolved issue. ​ Which type of issues is retro-healing good for? Retro-healing is especially great for unexplained issues that seem very difficult to overcome such as deep imprinted patterns, fears, pains, phobias, relationship issues with meaningful people in your life (your parents, children, other family members, your life partner, a good friend, or any significant relationship), addictions, etc... And also for issues that directly involve your lifepath, the meaning of your life or your destiny. When you've been working for a while on a pattern, a blockage or an issue that you don't seem to be able to release, it is very likely that it is present in your current lifetime because it was already there in one or more past lives and your soul needs you to balance out energies and complete important lessons that were not fully learnt in those previous lives. Retro-healing is a powerful energy healing treatment that allows you to make this tikkun in a very unique way. What happens during the session? There are 3 stages in the retro-healing session and the whole process takes about three hours and a half. 1. First hour: together we identify the exact issue that your soul wants to deal with, and also how exactly this issue is preventing you from evolving and growing in your life. 2. While laying down you are guided into a journey that leads you safely to the past life that is exactly the one you need to experience to deal with your issue/challenge/blockage, etc... You revisit significant events from that lifetime and you create deep emotional transformations inside of you. Approximately 2 hours. 3. During the last 30 minutes we discuss your healing experience and you receive specific guidance to process and integrate your experience.

Cancellation Policy

In case of being late to your healing appointment, you may either choose to shorten the session or reschedule it for a more convenient time, however, in that case 50% of the appointment fee will be charged. If you don't show up to your healing session without prior notice, 100% of the appointment fee will be charged. If for your own personal reasons you need to cancel your scheduled appointment, the following rules apply: Cancellation and rescheduling – the site should be informed at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled appointment time. Failure to inform us 48 hours prior to the scheduled time of the appointment will result in a 50% charge of your scheduled appointment.

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