Shamanic healing treatment


This is an ancient and wise healing technique. It has been used for centuries by Native Indians from Mexico. It is a one-time healing session that works on your energy field and beyond on the spiritual plane to align you with your true nature and make you a happier person. It will put you on your path and in line with your soul calling and your life purpose.


This treatment will help you…

Have less fear: what prevents us from being on our true path as human beings is fear. One important part of the treatment is to realign you with your natural state of Love instead of fear, so that you are in tune with your Source and with your soul.

Expand your consciousness to manifest your soul purpose easily and gently instead of struggling with life. It will balance the flow of energy between your thoughts and emotions and shift the way your perceive reality: you will become more attuned to the natural flow of life.

Have healthy boundaries. How centered are you? How much do you let others take energy from you? Whether you tend to please others, can’t say NO, or are afraid to give and get hurt, in any case you lose your center and as a result you get weaker. This healing will strengthen your energy center and increase the life force in your body so that you become more self-confident.

Break unhealthy patterns: it will align you more with Truth and help you detach from your emotions and ego so that you integrate the lessons of your experiences more efficiently, without having to work over and over on the same issues in your life.

Align with the flow of infinite abundance.


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