Greg has really opened the doors for me. When I came for my first healing, my issues with life and myself felt like this entity that I hadn't broke into yet. Several treatments later, I am that much closer to the realisation of the true nature of myself. Thanks to Greg, I am moving forward in life, fixing myself at every stage of the way. Life is clearer, my intentions are clearer and most importantly, I have learned to trust myself and my intuitions. With Greg in my life now, I feel excited at what new wonders will be revealed.

Aviva F, Tel Aviv

In the end of my first pregnancy I felt I had trouble connecting with the child inside me. I was full of lifetime fears of the birth coming soon, and I felt my fears will  affect my baby's' confidence to come into this world. I was feeling bad physically and emotionally. I always believed that the mother  should make her baby feel safe and full of love and tenderness in order to have an easy, quick dilivery...to make birth a powerful experience, rather than a traumatic one. In spite of my beliefs , I still had trouble making this 'mental knowledge' into real feelings of strength.  Greg helped me with this. Already in the first session I had a beautiful spiritual  experience where my baby and I were able to connect, give confidence to each other and reassurance of our unconditional love. In the second session with Greg I went  deeper into my soul and some hidden fears were exposed and set free. (I ended up having an amazing experience giving birth...)

Healing sessions with Greg are always surprising, rich and vibrant.  I believe Greg is an excellent healer since he can approch each individual on his own level of 'awareness'. How I see Greg helping me and others: he is intuitive and sensitive to what he sees and feels the person in front of him, always flexible and attentive, using all different techniquies he masters, and most of all his endless knowledge and wisdom he never stops seeking all around the world, and within himself.

Hadar S, Tel Aviv

A warm morning in May of this year, on the beautiful Isla del Sol in Bolivia, as I tried to open a jammed door, I met Greg, who came to help me and opened the door without any problems immediately. This impacted me because I could feel in my heart the light radiating from Greg and there was a very strong energetic connection I had never experienced before. We kept in touch and in one of the online chats we had, Greg suggested I get a reiki session and I agreed. It took place from the living room of my house in Buenos Aires. From that experience, my life has taken a 180 degree turn and has enlightened me to discover that the universe provides endless energy healing. After that session, I slept a lot for two days, spent a week very unsettled and drinking huge amounts of water.  Then suddenly, a series of changes ocurred in my work, family life, as well as emotionally. I was full of energy and eager to undertake projects that gradually took shape. After that I experienced a few more long distance sessions with Greg through chat, Greg in Tel Aviv and I in Buenos Aires and Salta in northern Argentina. Each of these encounters was energetically intense and they gradually shaped me. It generated a transformation in me, my heart could open differently and more sincerely and it revealed inside me an internal energy I had ignored before.

Natalia A, Buenos Aires