Clients share their experience

Stephanie Bean
Boston, MA USA

Greg is one of the best healers I have known. I trusted him the moment I met him online. He is genuine, compassionate, honest, dedicated, attentive, open minded, intuitive, and deeply spiritual. I am amazed at the difference his healing sessions have made in my life. For years I have done talk therapy, Reiki, acupuncture, and float tanks. Greg's healing sessions were on another level. Through the healing sessions I was finally able to release the pain of the past with Love. My heart is now wide open, and I have never felt so free. 

Melissa Tammarine
California, USA

I was referred to Greg from a friend who was working with him. When Greg and I first started working together I had zero energy, I was depressed, depleted, and had lost myself. With Gregs direction, intuition and Shamanic healings I am in a completely different place in my life and back on my path. I now have tools that I can utilize in my daily life to help keep me connected and open. I am forever grateful for you, Greg! Thank you

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