Healing technique used to break free from unhealthy cords that are invisible and attach us to certain people, behaviors, patterns, ways of thinking, places, objects, etc...
These energetic cords are like chains that prevent us from moving forward in our lives, sometimes we may even be completely stuck because of them. For example you may be experiencing an abusive or a control-based relationship with a family member, your life partner or your ex. Or you may be addicted to drugs, tobacco, alcohol, sex, shopping, porn, gambling, internet, Netflix, drama, your smartphone, etc... Or you may even be limited by compulsive emotions such as guilt, shame, jealousy, anger, hatred, fear, etc... Emotional dependency (codependency) is another common case where strong attachments are present and very limiting.

Unhealthy cords drain our energy and oftentimes they are so strong that it feels impossible to cut them off: they seem to be stronger than us and we feel powerless. Cord Cutting will cut the toxic ties and awaken an unthought of strength within you to free yourself. It will also help you create clear and healthy boundaries and not waste your energy into draining habits and patterns. You will experience a new sense of inner peace, the feeling that you can finally rest.


Important: cutting cords doesn't mean separation. There are positive attachments and negative attachments. Cutting cords gets rid of the negative bonds and the positive ones remain.


Who is this healing for?
It is appropriate for anyone who:

  • has any type of addiction

  • doesn't feel centered

  • is (or was) manipulated

  • has compulsive behaviors or patterns

  • is in a codependent relationship

  • can't get someone else out of their mind

  • was abused sexually

  • is (or was) into any type of cult involving fear and brainwashing

  • feels they're not in control of their life

  • has been experiencing an unreasonable amount of pain or negativity for a long time