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Jan 25 - Feb 14

In this class, I will guide you closely to live from your loving shining heart and shift your focus from the mind to the heart. I will guide you in establishing a stable and long-lasting connection with your core.  Join me on this empowering transformation, embracing your strengths and weaknesses openly as a path to your empowerment.

It is a unique opportunity to reset your whole system in a safe sacred space with loving and caring support and guidance from the group. And it is also an invitation to foster a fresh perspective on yourself, vulnerability, and how you relate to your innate power.

Our container will serve as a space for individual and collective exploration, recognizing our shared Source within our heart. You'll tap into the love and courage within, fostering a new understanding of generosity. Here, giving isn't tied to scarcity but a way of generating more for yourself and others. Receiving becomes a form of giving to the whole.

To facilitate our interactions, we'll utilize a Facebook group for daily communication and Zoom for weekly live sessions. I'll provide daily guidance, intuitively tapping into the group's needs. You'll be free to share your thoughts, questions, and experiences at any moment.

We will have three live sessions via Zoom to connect with the group in real-time and delve deep into the teachings, and the sessions will be available for replay in case you cannot attend live. Each session will be between 75 and 90 minutes long.

Live session  #1 : January 27th at 2pm GMT (9am ET)

Live session #2 : February 3rd at 2pm GMT (9am ET)

Live session #3 : February 10th at 1pm GMT (8am ET)

Although active participation is encouraged, your free will is respected. Expect support from both me and fellow participants as we collectively center our energies on this sacred journey of self-discovery, trust and unity.

The energy exchange for this class is $330. Upon completion of your registration, all the necessary details will be sent to you by email.


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I recently finished taking a course with Elama spiritual guide, called The Quantum  You. By participating in this course I was able really shift so much of my perspective and  to make a deep inner shift, that has  connected me to my heart.
I've learned to live in from my heart space, with more trust and courage in my daily life, work and relationships.
The way that I view the world has changed to a more Quantum one, where everything and anything is possible.

Beth S.


I've been in several classes with Elama. He consistently creates a perfect container of safety and trust, allowing me to explore myself with love, care, and acceptance for all that I am. In the Quantum You class, Elama provided the perfect guidance for me to feel safe as I delved into my core. I sense that I've encountered myself more profoundly than ever before during this immersive class. I've developed a new connection with myself, diving deeper into trusting my instincts and living daily from my heart, resulting in greater ease and peace in my daily life. I'm experiencing deeper inner shifts.

This class feels like the beginning of a series, and I am incredibly excited to be entering the next session, "From The Core."

Elizabeth B.




My name is Elama, and I have been working as a spiritual guide and healer since 2012. The core of my healing and teaching work revolves around studying and unraveling the mysteries of the sacred heart. It is my highest excitement to guide individuals in exploring, trusting and shining from their heart with compassion, love, and care.

I enjoy building energetic containers where we collectively embark on transformative journeys together. From the Core is one of those. I am excited to witness what will unfold when we start shining our lights from our common Source together. Although I don't hold expectations, I can already "smell" the magic in the air...

Feel free to contact me if you have questions about this class before signing up.

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