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Conscious healing



Why is it essential to have your sexual energy flowing?

Simply because it is your life force - and the same energy that allows you to exist and to be alive. It is also the energy that allows you to create. When it's not flowing properly inside you it is reflected directly in your external reality.

As the poet Rumi wrote: The way you make love is the way God will be with you. In other words, the way you use your God given sexual energy is also the way that you'll allow God to create through you.


At times, you may find it difficult to stay present in your body and to feel you are truly there. This is happening because of those situations in your past where others crossed your boundaries and intruded your intimate space: our natural reaction is to dissociate from our body so we won't feel pain if the same situation comes to happen again in the future.

Until we "meet" the pain and the blockages that are stored in the body, we will keep creating the same patterns in our life (we'll keep attracting the same type of partners and situations) and we won't feel safe when it comes to intimacy and closeness. Your feminine power may be deeply wounded and it craves for your attention because it wants to be healed. More than that, it deserves to bloom!


What is the essence of sexual energy?

Sexual energy is the energy that brings life, the primary creative force that exists in the universe. It is the same power that created you, planet Earth, the sun and the moon, our galaxy, and the entire cosmos. It is your sacred power. Therefore when someone is sexually abused, his or her core power is directly touched, violated and weakened.


What are the benefits of balancing your sexual energy?

Healing and balancing your sexual energy means transforming your deepest wounds into your greatest power. It is essential to address those wounds around the first and second chakras area with loving attention and care. Like a wake up call, it will open new doors you wouldn't imagine could exist for you to break free from old chains.

Reach out for more information on how we can balance and harmonize your sexual energy flow energetically.

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