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May 5th - 25th 2023

Welcome to this multidimensional space! This journey experience is designed to give your mind, body, and soul a strong signal that you are deciding to set yourself free from the limitations, burdens, and heavy charges that you've been living with.

When you buy your Ticket to Freedom and enter the space, you will be plugged into a strong energetic field that will emit energies of liberation and freedom 24/7 for 21 days. This experience is meant for
people who are willing to challenge themselves and their tendencies to seek safety and protection. Look at it as a commitment you make to yourself to challenge your core belief system and the way you perceive yourself and your human life experience.

During our 21-day journey, we will explore together what it truly means to be Free, the reasons why we cultivate and maintain feelings of alienation in our lives, and how to manifest the freedom of being our true and authentic Self.

We will dive deep into the various types of limitations we impose on ourselves, the illusions of safety they create, and how we can undo the programming and conditioning that we normally take for granted.

We will also examine the mechanisms of drama and pain, and why we are often addicted to them. Additionally, we will explore the concept of Power: what it truly means, and how we can break free from the distorted perception of power that is based on fear.

Ultimately, we will learn to feel at ease, comfortable, and lighthearted with the idea that we are in control of our lives and that we create everything. We will explore how to effortlessly rise into our full potential and power.

If you feel the call and you know deep down that there is a natural way to live and lead your life without the need to please others or pretend to be someone you're not, then this class is for you. It is also a wonderful opportunity to share and co-create your quest for freedom with like-minded people and have a positive impact on one another.

We will be using a Facebook group as a platform to interact and bring our Lights together, making it easy and flexible for everyone to connect with the space and share their input whenever it feels convenient for them. I will be posting teaching videos whenever the timing feels right and they will be inspired by and channeled through the energy of the group and the insights that arise from our sharings and interactions.

Additionally, there will be two 90-minute live sharing sessions via Zoom, which will be available for replay in case you cannot attend live. These sessions will provide an opportunity to connect with the group in real-time and delve deeper into the teachings.

Live sharing #1 will take place on May 13th at 12pm GMT (8am ET)

Live sharing #2 will take place on May 20th at 12pm GMT (8am ET)

In this group experience, you'll be free to share, post, ask questions and comment whenever you feel inspired. I'll be there to lead, support and direct both the individual and collective energies of the container by sharing, posting and commenting as well.

Upon completion of your registration, all the necessary details will be sent to you by email.

Payments can be made with Paypal or credit card (via Paypal).


I invite you with open arms to get your Ticket to Freedom and enter this alchemical journey!

About me



My name is Elama. I am a spiritual guide, mentor, healer and shaman dedicated to supporting and uplifting other souls who are naturally seeking to explore themselves deeper and deeper and expand consciously to make an impact on others in the physical reality.

Freedom is a crucial theme in my life. I was brought up with the belief that we do not have free will, and that we are all slaves, our energy being used for some hidden agenda by unknown forces. It was only about a decade ago that I began to realize that we might actually have the ability to make choices for ourselves. Since then, I have been working continuously on taking back my power and sense of self-authority, and I have guided hundreds of souls to do the same.

Freedom is also the main intention I have set for myself for this year of 2023.

What I offer here is a chance to immerse yourself with like-minded souls in a multidimensional field where you'll deep dive and examine freedom and limitations within you. This experience gives you the opportunity to explore these energies on a deeper level and create positive shifts towards setting yourself free and living a more authentic life.


Let's make this experience profound and fun together. I can't wait to have you join me on this exciting journey!

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