Shamanic healing approach

Hello and welcome, my name is Greg Boudy and I'd like to introduce you to my shamanic healing approach.
The shamanic perspective is holistic: by going deep into the root of your situation, patterns or behaviors, shifts in your consciousness can happen and transformation takes place at every fundamental level of your being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

When you start a shamanic healing process, you make the choice to look at who you are consciously: not just a physical body that works with chemicals, but rather a multi-dimensional soul being that is experiencing life in a physical body.

Shamanic healing happens with the help of energy healing techniques and treatments through the transmission of energy and Light, which works simultaneously at the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual levels.

Any symptom is rooted in consciousness and the more Light and awareness you bring to a blockage, pattern, situation, relationship, etc... the closer you get to the original cause and the easier it is to unravel the structures and the mechanisms that allow it to be there in the first place. The role of a shaman is to hold a safe space that allows you to connect to the depths of your Self with trust. You are safely guided to look inside, recognize your recurring patterns, touch your wounds, release your blockages, tap into your inner power, gifts and talents, and to align with the natural flow of your authentic Self (who you were born to be before you received the conditioning of your parents, family, school, environment, society, media, etc...).


Which issues can be addressed?

Any issue and any aspect of your life: love, relationships, family, work, self-realization, intimacy, sexuality, etc... 

Here are some examples of the symptoms that may have manifested in your life:

Loneliness, lack of meaning in life, at work or in relationships, hopelessness, fear of lack or loss, boredom, feeling powerless...

Stress, anxiety, burn-out, confusion, lack of confidence, lack of self-worth, depression, eating disorders, addictions...

Unhealthy relationships, emotional dependency, fear of being abandoned or rejected, fear of intimacy,  fear of commitment, anger, sadness, grief, fear, shame, jealousy, hatred, guilt...

Back pain, headaches, migraines, sprains / broken bones, nervous system imbalances, tiredness, hormonal imbalances, fertility issues...

Shamanic healing doesn't look at symptoms as good or bad but rather as indications of where the flow of energy may be blocked in your body, in your emotional system, in your mental structure, or in your existential perception of life.

The energy that is transmitted during healing treatments works intelligently with your imbalances, not against them, because the point is to create harmonious transformation, not conflict.

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Healing sessions via Zoom

You can stay at home and receive your healing sessions online via Zoom. All you need is an internet connection and a webcam. Once you book a session online you will receive an email with the Zoom link to your healing session.


Who am I?


Greg Boudy

I am an energetic healer with natural healing abilities, which I developed and strengthened through practice and in-depth studies with master shamans in Israel and abroad. I was initiated to shamanic techniques that were kept secret until recently and have been passed on from generation to generation for hundreds of years in the lineage of the Curanderos - a tribe of master healers from Mexico whose roots are the Ancient Mayan civilization. I work with a wide range of powerful shamanic techniques and treatments to help people release their blockages, transmute their wounds into Light and power, and to experience their lives authentically as their true Self.

A major part of my work as a healer is dedicated to support and guide individuals who are sensitive, empathic, with a profound recognition that they are spiritual, multi-dimensional beings that exist beyond the apparent limitations of our 3D physical world. I also guide many of my clients to awaken the healer that wants to be born within them and to build or develop their own spiritual businesses as therapists, spiritual healers, mediums... (any heart-based profession based on being of service to others).

Healing sessions may be conducted in english, français, עברית, español.