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My philosophy

Greetings and welcome! My name is Elama and I am a spiritual guide, teacher, energetic healer, mentor and shaman.


My approach to healing and personal growth is based on the principle that the more self-aware we are, the higher version of ourselves we can embody. The essence of my work is to identify, point out, and awaken the dormant aspects of yourself that will catalyze growth once activated.  At the deepest level of our being, conditioning and programming cannot survive.

The work I offer - whether it is one-on-one sessions or classes - makes you dive into your multidimensional core and tap into the higher levels of your Self. When you embark on these journeys, you'll start feeling that you can take more control of your life and that circumstances cannot dictate your path. You'll watch the world around you as a reflection and a projection of your inner world and feel that you can create anything you want.

This work is for those who are are passionate about following their heart's desires and who believe they can manifest their dreams.

As a healer, mentor and teacher, I am here to support you in exploring who you are at your core, safely navigating the void and the shadows, and bringing more light into your life. Owning your light will activate more power in you, and owning your shadows will create more light.

If you're reading this, it is likely that there is a call or a deep desire within you to transform your relationship with yourself, to unleash your creative potential, to elevate the impact of your unique divine signature, and to upgrade your level of presence and embodiment.


I am here to guide you on this quest and help you tap into your full potential.

Who am I?



My name is Elama.


I was born and raised in France and I have made Israel my homebase while exploring the world since 2005. From a young age, I had a love for travel and learning new languages, as well as a passion for discovering different cultures and a natural drive to help others grow and evolve.

I received my education in business management and marketing in the United States, and before I became a full-time spiritual healer, my career was focused on digital marketing. In 2010, I had a spiritual awakening that soon led me to the world of shamanism. I was initiated to Light Language and other shamanic practices from the Curanderos lineage of Mexico. Over time, I transitioned from the purely business world to dedicating my time to my spiritual business, which I thoroughly enjoy.​


I am committed to guiding light walkers and empaths, providing them with a safe and trusting space where they can activate and embody their light, their creative power, and their gifts.

My specialties are:

  • awakening and revealing the Master in you

  • aligning you with your Soul calling

  • guiding you to establish and grow your heart-centered business

  • connecting women to their divine feminine power

I create collective spaces for growth and conduct my 1:1 mentoring sessions in English, French, Hebrew, and Spanish, so feel free to reach out in any of these languages.

About Elama

Healing and mentoring work

Welcome to a sacred space where you can detach from the constraints of time and physical reality and delve into a multidimensional realm of unlimited possibilities. During our sessions, your energy field will become lighter and more receptive to change and rewiring, allowing your mind to open and your protective barriers to dissolve. This is where the impossible becomes possible and even the most deeply ingrained beliefs can be challenged, bent, deconstructed, and magically transcended.

As you embark on this journey, your consciousness will undergo transformational processes, releasing outdated patterns and activating new codes. I am commited to:

  • Providing a safe space where you can feel comfortable opening up and shifting

  • Bringing light and clarity to what is ready to shift within you

  • Guiding you through these changes and helping you integrate them smoothly

What happens during our sessions ?

During our time together, we are plugged into high vibrational frequencies and light beings, allowing us to effortlessly focus on the aspects of your being that need attention and care. I am here to reflect this to you and guide you through transformational processes.

Each session is an inner-journey  where we raise above linear time and space and connect with your inner wisdom through your energetic and emotional bodies. You will delve into your inner worlds and shift the structures of your energy, emotions, mind, and spirit. This will result in a natural integration process as you embody your new structures.

The sessions are guided by the moment and energetic downloads are channeled through my words, from my aura to yours, transmitting a quantum soup of knowledge, light codes and frequencies in your presence.

If you'd like to explore some highlights of my healing work and teachings, visit this page. 

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Let's connect

Take the opportunity to schedule a complimentary 15-minute call with me on Zoom. Let's chat, explore how we could work together, and determine if moving forward together feels right.

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