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Conscious healing

Hello and welcome to my healing world. My name is Greg Boudy, I am an energetic healer and shaman.
My perspective is holistic: by going deep into the roots of your situation, patterns or behaviors, shifts will occur in your consciousness. This allows for transformation to take place at every fundamental level of your being (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual).

The shamanic healing journey I offer is an invitation to reveal your gifts and inner power, and to align with the natural flow of your authentic Self (who you were born to be before you were conditioned by your family, school, environment, society, media, etc...).

When you begin a healing journey, you make the choice to consciously deep dive into the multi-dimensional being that you are.

Symptoms are rooted in the consciousness. As we bring Light and awareness to a blockage, pattern, situation, relationship, etc..., we get closer to the original cause, and it becomes easy to unravel the mechanisms that allowed it to be there in the first place.

Shamanic healing does not look at symptoms as good or bad, but rather as indications of where the flow of energy may be blocked in your body: whether in your emotional system, your mental structure, or your existential perception of life.


As a healer, my role is to safely guide you to look inside, and to recognize and accept both your light and shadows. Owning your light will activate more power in you, and owning your shadows will create more light.

The healing journey

Healing sessions are precious moments where you get to dive into a sacred space and detach from linear time and 3D space. In that sacred space, your energy field becomes more open to change and transformation. Your mind opens up and your protection mechanisms soften. Therefore, you open your consciousness to new possibilities, new ways of being and of looking at your life.

Whether you come for an individual healing session or for regular healing sessions, your consciousness will go through transformational processes. Old codes from past conditionning that have run out will cease to function and new ones will be activated. In that process I’m with you to :

  • hold a safe space where you feel comfortable to open up and shift

  • bring light and clarity to what wants to shift in you

  • guide you into making those changes smoothly

  • support your transformation energetically (during the sessions and in-between sessions)

What happens during the healing sessions ?

During the sessions we are plugged into high vibrational energies and connected to light beings. We are effortlessly guided, in the moment, to look at the aspects of your being that need special attention. I’m here to reflect this to you and to guide you into energetic transformational processes.

Each session takes the form of an inner-journey - and actually many times I will ask you to close your eyes because it makes the inner connection easier. I guide you to release your mind and to connect to your inner wisdom through your energetic and emotional bodies. I help you dive and navigate into your inner worlds so you can consciously shift the structures of your energetic, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies. When you do that, you automatically start to embody those new structures, and after the healing sessions you will naturally go through a time of integration.

Which healing paths are available ?

There are several options available for your healing journey: 
individual sessions, in-depth cycles of 7  or 12 sessions​, and shamanic light grids.

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I encourage you to schedule a free 15-minute consultation via Zoom if you’d like to connect with me and discuss how we could work together.

Distance healing

The healing sessions happen online via Zoom. All you will need is a good internet connection. Once you book sessions you will receive an email with a Zoom link.

Who am I?


Greg Boudy

Hi, my name is Greg Boudy. I am a spiritual guide, an activator and catalyst for power and light. I was born and raised in France and I have been based in Israel while exploring the world since 2005. Early in my life, I developed a taste for travels and learning new languages, for discovering the planet and its cultures, and I have a natural drive to help others grow and evolve.

I entered the world of shamanism in 2012 and was initiated to the shamanic wisdom and techniques of the Curanderos lineage of Mexico.

I am fully dedicated to guiding light walkers and empaths, offering them a space to proudly activate and embody their light. In that space, they start trusting more their healing and psychic gifts in a way that is empowering rather than perceived as a threat.


My work currently focuses on connecting women to their divine feminine power and on guiding individuals into establishing and developing their heart-based businesses successfully and authentically.

Healing sessions may be conducted in english, français, עברית, español.